New at Nant’escape :
The Nomad Escape Game

The nomad escape game : a particular place? a special occasion? numerous people to play?
Nant’escape will travel and become nomad. All custom-made!

A master key escape game

Wherever it has to take place, we will be able to adapt the game to the location you will chose. Company locals, castle : everything is possible !

A personalised scenario

You wish to have a particular theme : the nomad experience is ideal. After a little talk, our scenarists will be in charge of the rest!

Nant’escape, Yes we can!

100 players in one afternoon? Even 50 in 3 hours? It’s possible! Our solutions will allow you to play with a wide range of player in a short period of time.

Individuals, companies, associations, please fill up the form to receive more infos on the organisation of a nomad escape game in the region of Nantes and in Loire-Atlantique. We will contact you to know better what you precisely want to suggest the perfect scenario for your
nomad escape game. We take all the rest, you will have nothing to worry about, only to enjoy with
your friends or collaborators!

Come and challenge yourself !

Escape game nomade Nantes


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