Espace Game Nantes Kids

The 1st gaming area for kids and school groups!

For whom and how?

For every kids from 8 to 12, with an adult.
Searching for clues spread all over the gaming area, combining them to solve puzzles and enigmas to move forward in the mystery to escape.
A game built around a story which follows the narrative thread.

The advantages of Nant’escape

Comedians to immerse the children in the story and to help them to move forward in the resolution of the enigma.
The first escape game to offer enigmas and mysteries for children to solve even when 8 years old, in autonomy, linked to the National Education programs.

3 rooms, 2 scenarios

1.The Cardinal’s evasion : Chapter 2

August 1654 at dawn :
The Cardinal of Retz, escaped from the Dukes of Bretagne’s castle. In his race for freedom, he broke his shoulder and end up hiding in the cellar of an inn nearby.

Until then, no news from him…You will be nobles, allies of the Cardinal of Retz.

Hunt down by Mazarin and his proponents, you will try to join the Cardinal to run away from France
with him.

The last pieces of information will lead you inside the inn. Good luck!

2. In research of the lost hoard // Le Tripot de la courtoisie (grown up version)

Scénario escape game enfant Le magot perdu

Morgane, bartender of the Quai de la Fosse, is desperate : the awful Frapelli brothers escaped from
prison and are heading right to his bistro.

They want to snatch the hoard gathered by Morgane’s grandfather.

He carefully dissimulated it years ago but now his memory ticks him : he didn’t know where he hid it! He will need your help!

Will you accept this perilous mission ?

20€ per kids and free for the accompanist.
Exit this way!

The Escape Game, a pedagogic and multifaceted tool for children.

Nant’escape imagined rooms, set designs and original scenarios specially adapted for young players.

“Our scenarios and enigmas favorise cognitive development for children when suggesting imaginary adventures using their senses and the acknowledgment of their capacities.”

The enthusiasm and motivation shared reunite the children together around a common goal to achieve – escape from the room and find the treasure – which develops their teamwork skills and to trust other.

The Escape Game allow the teachers to have a brand new sight on their students while observing them interact in a non-scholar context, developing skills usually taught in school.

It is a new way of learning with a leverage effect and can be used as an evaluation tool.

Develop skills based on common base thanks to the escape game.

Avantages de l'escape game enfants et scolairesTo understand :

Lire et comprendre des textes et des documents.
Executing a comprehension approach :

  • identification and classification of important information and find relations between them.
  • Identifying and put through logical and chronological facts.
  • Interpretation from the identification of clues, explicit or implicit (inferences).

Put in relation explicit documents with others read before, using cultural, historical, geographical, scientific and technical knowledge.

Communicating orally results of researches.

Searching :

To collect and organise necessary information to solve problems through various medias : texts, tables, diagrams, drawings, scheme, etc.

To engage an approach, to observe, to question, to manipulate, to experiment, to suggest hypothesis, using tools or mathematics while elaborating a reasoning scheme adapted to a new situation.

To test, to try several way to solve the mystery.

To reason :

To solve problems necessitating organisation of datas or to build an approach combining steps in thinking pattern.

To progress collectively in an investigation taking in account other’s point of view.

To justify statements and to prove the authenticity of the gathered information.

The different steps

Step 1

  • Reception
  • Briefing with the team

Step 2

  • Game of 45 min.

Step 3

  • Debriefing with the team and the comedians
  • Group picture