The Cardinal’s evasion

August 8th, 1654 // An Inn alongside La Loire

(difficulty : 4 / 5 – double room)

Retz’s Cardinal, who was even feared by the King Louis XIV himself, flee the castle of Nantes where he was kept prisoner. Hunted by the royal guard, he got injured and seek shelter in an Inn. His footprints stop there. Accomplices of the Cardinal, you are preoccupied not to see him coming to the meeting point like agreed. You decided then to lead an inquiry and come to the Inn… Was he kidnapped?


Your time is counted to discover the truth : the royal guard is following you!

Betty’s hairdressing salon

1974 // Rue Voltaire

(difficulty : 3 / 5)

Betty, the well-known hairdresser of the rue Voltaire is found dead in her salon. Whereas the victim’s lifestyle and vanity leave no doubts on the murder motives, the inquiry have never been solved. Will you know how to help Inspector Acanthe fight his old demons? What really happened in that hairdresser salon?


Will Betty be your key to escape?

Le tripot de la courtoisie

The 80’s // Quai de la Fosse

(difficulty : 4/5)

Le Tripot de la Courtoisie is renowned to have hosted some of the greatest gang members of Nantes. It is naturally thought that an exit has been built in case of police controls.


Will you be able to follow their example to escape in less than an hour?

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