Horror Escape Game in Nantes


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Mysterious deaths take turns in the municipality of Bignon since several weeks. But when the police broke into the doctor’s house, the horror at its maximum : it looks like terrifying experiments on humans have been done…

Come to test your limits in the heart of 3 terrifying experiences!
Will you dare enter the heart of horror and face the experiences of Dr. Hermann?

Oserez vous pénétrer au coeur de l'horreur ?Horror Escape Game scenarios :


1. The Laboratory

Escape game horreur Nantes : Le laboratoire

Doctor Hermann achieved some of his researches on human beings, especially the ones
concerning the art of bringing the deads to life.

One of his creation is about to wake up in the lab, it is about to be bring back to life in the next 60
minutes. You have to stop it and destroy the process… Before it bites you…


 Escape game horreur Nantes : L'orphelinat2. The Orphanage

While investigating, the police discovered that the experiments of doctor Hermann were aiming
to “improve human race” in modifying genetically children, who when they grow up will be
stronger, resistant or even immortal.Aurez-vous le courage de découvrir ce qui se trame à l’orphelinat du docteur Hermann ?

His last creation must be eradicated. You have 60 minutes to activate the emergency system, under the bed, that he installed in case his creations become unstoppable.

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3. Doctor Hermann notebook

Escape game horreur Nantes : Terreur au Bignon

Doctor Hermann must have made some researches with capital information on humans and immortality, all gathered in a notebook .

The police, during the first investigation of the house, has found that doctor Hermann had protected his researches thanks to some complex mechanism preventing anyone to have access : the most important documents are contained in a room which will be destroyed in 60 minutes after opening the door.
 Will you be audacious enough to discover the atrocities experimented by doctor Hermann?


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Paris, 1939

As tensions accumulate and Europe prepares for the storm, the famous diva Maria Von Glott comes out of the silence and decides to celebrate her return to the stage. She invites you to a little party, bringing together the big names of the Opera, the Gotha and some intimate friends.
“Requiem for a Diva” invites you to attend this evening, meet and interact with other guests to unmask the culprit.
In this game of fools, everyone has something to hide …


By signing up for “Requiem for a Diva”, you want to live an immersive adventure. This immersion is obviously due to several factors, but the main thing is You! By preparing your character, his dress, his character, his manner of speaking, his anecdotes you make sure you have a good evening


A murder party is a game consisting of solving a police enigma, embodying one of the characters in the story.
It’s a “life-size role-playing game” easy to access, on the border between play, improvisation and police investigation. One of the interests of this game is to embody a character in a criminal adventure.
A crime will take place and everyone to mobile or in any case a good reason to commit it.
The killer must not be unmasked, players will have to investigate not to be themselves accused … It’s up to you!

Additional information: 40 seats available – PRICE 60 €
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En partenariat avec Oh la la les Gazelles

Even in partnership with OHLALA LES GAZELLES

Maud Ragnon and Céline Leroux, members of the “OHLALA LES GAZELLES” team have met on kindergarten benches, in the municipality of Bignon (15 km from Nantes).
After 23 years of friendship, an ambitious project has come to them, one summer night, when they were wishing to share a common business to impact their lives as women : take part in 2018 to the only Rally Raid off-road 100% for women.
Founded in 1990, the year of birth of the two gazelles, the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles will appeal to their courage and will to travel the 1500 km of moroccan desert, only with the help of a map and a compass.
They wished to give a particular sense to this challenge too, to defend the values and the courage to overtake ourselves : this is why they support the association “femme en détresse” which fights to defend women victims of violence around Nantes. 2% of their total budget, around 30 000€, is given + every euros collected above that amount.
To cross the departure line, the crew is looking for active sponsors who share their values and team spirit, through women duo.
Nant’escape is an official partner of the team “ Ohlala les Gazelles” and share its experience and expertise in the organisation of the ephemeral escape game “Terreur au Bignon”.

Déroulé du jeu

Step 1

  • Reception
  • Briefing with the team

Step 2

  • Inquiry of approximately 1h.

Step 3

  • Debriefing with the team and comedians
  • Group photo

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