Paper chase in Nantes

For whom and how?

A paper chase for everyone! For teams with 4 to 8 persons.
While strolling in the city center, you have to solve enigmas based on the town’s history.

The + in Nant’escape

Comedians to you immerse in the story and to help you to move forward in solving the enigmas.
We are the only ones to offer a paper chase in Nantes with comedians!

Paper chase scenario

1. Qui a tué Jacques Vaché?

comedien jeu de piste Nantes

6th January, 1919 : 

A young artist, Jacques Vaché, died mysteriously in the Hôtel de France, place Graslin. Accident, suicide ? doubts are subsisting.

Hundred years later, a mysterious letter arrived at Nant’escape, the signature revive the case : indeed, it is Jacques who signed it himself! A murder is mentioned…

Will you be able to solve this case? Dive into the early stages of surrealism while wandering in the Quartier Graslin!

“Very fun enigmas on the assassination of Jacques Vaché, which adds on the story of the neighbourhood… We visit once again this neighbourhood, and it is truly enjoyable! Good time, thank you!”


5/5 – Antoine G.

Enigme jeu de piste Nantes

Illustrations / Thomas FRADET


Steps of the paper chase

Step 1

  • Reception
  • Briefing with the team

Step 2

  • Paper chase of approximately 1h30min

Step 3

  • Debriefing with the team and comedians
  • Group photo