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The Escape Game of Nantes with its comedians
Escape Games for companies, youngsters, paper chases through Nantes

… we are the only ones to offer this in Nantes. nous sommes les seuls à Nantes

At Nant’escape, Escape Game in Nantes, we have gambled, to offer you the most unique experience, on highly qualified professionals only. Who at least would better embody a yob from the 80’s than a confirmed actor? Or an intrusive grandma? Or even a royalist innkeeper from the 17th century?

While playing, you will not be allowed to wear any watch or to be able to use any cell phone. You will be immersed into the chosen scenario’s period of time and context… Then, you will be facing alone the craziest characters, for the worst but above all for the

Hang on, your trip is about to start…

Come and discover our various scenarios, the escape game for kids, the team building games, our paper chases through Nantes.

Our games scenarios about Nantes

Dive into Nantes’s history

The Cardinal’s Evasion
August 8th, 1654 // An Inn alongside La Loire
(difficulty : 4 / 5 – double room) – salle en double!
Betty’s hairdressing salon
1974 // Rue Voltaire
(difficulty : 3 / 5)
Le Tripot of courtesy
The 80’s // Quai de la Fosse
(difficulty : 4/5)

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An experience to share

We came twice to Nant’escape to try to several scenarios! Without any surprises the staff is still welcoming and sympathetic. We have at least one scenario to try, the temporary experience at Le Bignon has catch our eyes!!! See you soon

Aurélie A.Good!!

For those who know Escape Games, the particularity of this one comes from the screen free rooms. No indications about the time left which adds some pressure and the clues are given cleverly by good actors. The scenarios are, in addition, well tied with twisted plots!”

Antoine AGreat time spent with friends

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